Description of Kundalini Software


I found an article (mostly scrapped from our website) on a “Chamber of Commerce” website. I wonder if it was summarized by ChatGPT? If so, it provided a better description of Kundalini Software than I ever could have: Kundalini Software is a technology company that is dedicated to infusing magic and creativity into software projects.

First GitHub Sponsor


It is hard to believe, but this Valentine’s day was the 10th anniversary of Kundalini Software already! So to celebrate, we are going through the process right now open-sourcing all of our software. It is a major undertaking, and I am devoting the next 3 to 6 months to it. GitHub makes it easy for

Bach-In-The-Mirror Now Available


The Bach-In-The-Mirror project is an example usage of my Mozart Tranposition Engine, which displays the 15 Two Part Inventions by Johann Sebastian Bach. The app displays the inventions in all keys and with optional symmetrical inversion in each key. The scores are produced with my Mozart Transposition Engine, are typeset with GNU Lilypond, and are designed to

Kundalini Piano Mirror now available on the Android Platform


The Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform is now available for Android (!), and can be downloaded from Google Play: Like the original PortMidi-based Windows version, the Android version is designed to represent a minimally-viable-product. (In other words, don’t look for a fancy UI here!) Instead, the Android version provides the core functionality needed to facilitate symmetrically inverted playing–

Involuted Mirrors


Featuring Kundalini Software’s innovative embedded system for creating a left-handed piano, this live concert series features the world-premier of pieces by Chopin, Bach, Mozart and other composers performed in mirror image. Additionally, Lightning Path Technology demonstrations and additional guest appearances by various members of the Kundalini Art Collective can definitely be expected! All our welcome,