Wednesday, May 22nd is a special day because it is our first day at our new co-working space at the Bounce Innovation Hub! Hopefully we will see you there. We are very excited to be joining the vibrant community of creative and entrepreneurial people gathering at Bounce who are working to put Akron, Ohio back on the map. Please see our events calendar for more information, or checkout our blog for the latest news.

Thank you for visiting the homepage of Kundalini Software and Systems Integration, LLC, which is a small software company created and run by Benjamin Pritchard.

Kundalini Software is named after a style of yoga called Kundalini Yoga, a branch of yoga which emphasizes techniques for tapping into the vast creative potentials within us.

Currently, several main product offerings exist:

Plus some small open source projects:

Future Products

Finally, Kundalini Software is the vehicle by which I am attempting to develop and commercialize items from my Invention Portfolio — all of which are in various stages of development, and some of which I have posted online at the link above. For the most part, my inventions focus on wearable-technology.