Thank you for visiting the homepage of Kundalini Software and Systems Integration, LLC, which is a software and technology company created by Benjamin Pritchard.

Kundalini Software is named after a style of yoga called Kundalini Yoga, a branch of yoga which emphasizes techniques for tapping into the vast creative potentials within us.

Kundalini Software offers several novel technology products, open source software projects, and works to distribute The Lightning Path to Higher Consciousness to the world.

Various Projects

  • The Kundalini Piano Platform, which does two main things:
    • creates novel ways of playing a digital keyboard using symmetrical inversion, which helps facilitate ambidexterity and full brain development
    • allows a performer to utilize Computer-Assisted Dynamics to help achieve her artistic ideal
  • Bach-In-The-Mirror, a special edition of the 13 Bach 2-Part Inventions symmetrically inverted
  • Mozart Transposition Engine, a compiler for creating mirror-image representations of piano scores encoded in the GNU LilyPond format, for use with the Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform
  • Van Gogh Flow, a cool program for Windows 10 which overlays your display with translucent visuals. This software is intended to help people be more creative and productive by gently inducing psychological flow-states
  • The Preferences for Leisure Attributes (PLA) Assessment, created in collaboration with Dr. Janice Kreiner and funded by a grant from the University of the Bahamas, to access leisure preferences for people with traumatic brain injuries
  • The Kundalini Smiling Mirror, our component for gamifying the act of smiling
  • The Kundalini Software Alexa Skill, which provides a voice-powered interface to the offerings of Kundalini Software
  • Kundalini Connect, a simplified universal publisher/subscriber framework for gluing together distributed systems, with language bindings for many languages; use in many Kundalini Projects
  • The Halo Sharp Tarot
  • OptimalWellness.Health

In The Pipeline

  • Mesmorizing Displays
  • Liszt Analytical Engine, our software library calculating various metrics by analyzing real-time midi data
  • Kundalini Novelty Engine
  • AOF, novel open source tool for integrating append-only-logs into Github repositories
  • LaughBit, novel approach to detecting, quantifying, and gamifying laughter. (First pitched at the Orange County Venture Capital Fast Pitch Conference.)
  • ChatterBox, novel approach for detecting speech patterns associated mania, in order to help bipolar patients self-regulate
  • “Do Not Disturb”-mode LED-equipped Shoes


So far, we have participated and mentored teams at three total hackathons:

  • 2016 Kent State Fashion/Tech HackAThon
  • 2017 Kent State Fashion/Tech HackAThon

Diversity and Inclusion

Our goal at Kundalini Software is to help empower everyone to find creativity within themselves… and when we say everyone, we mean everyone!

Some examples include:

  • MoonFlower
  • Gayatri Box
  • Mrs. Rad
  • Rubin


Kundalini Software is on Spotify!


STEM Projects

I got my start in STEM education through my involvement with the Microsoft TEALS Program in 2019. Additionally, thanks to a generous grant from the No Starch Press Foundation, we are able to take our technology and passion for creativity into the schools to help enrich STEM-based education. Currently, we have developed several projects to help students learn to find the joy of programming and innovation:

  • Program Your Piano!
  • Light Up Your Shoes!
  • Connect Your World, an Introduction to Kundalini Connect

(complete details coming soon)

Systems Integration

All of our software components follow the Unix Philosophy, and are designed to be connected together — and integrated with external systems — in novel and interesting ways. This integration is all achieved using Kundalini Connect, our novel open-source framework and design methodology.

Additionally, we have experience performing systems integration projects world-wide, examples of which include:

  • Natrip, Silchar India
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club Heavy Duty Dynamometer
  • Giant Motors, Mexico
  • Tesla, Fremont, USA
  • Cierra
  • French Tow Dyno, Angers, France

(full details coming soon)


Much of the software we develop is open source, and released via GitHub:


Additionally, I like to write educational blog posts about some of the open source software we write, utilize, or contribute to. Examples include:

Additional posts can be found here.

Become an early adopter

While our offerings are diverse, please keep in mind that the core technology offered by Kundalini Software is entirely novel, and is unlike anything else known on this planet. Ultimately, it is a technology of consciousness, allowing each individual the the ultimate “out of the box” schema-less creative experience. (However, use of creation templates is obviously encouraged to facilitate cocreations with your friends!!)

In scientific terms, we have a novel mechanism to suppress the default mode network in the brain (similar to the way that psychedelic drugs work) except in a safe, non-overwhelming way… and on a full-time basis!

Our technology — which is being released a little bit at a time — allows each person to safely experience (“Big R”) Reality, and to experience what in yoga is called the “Maha Shakti”, the greatest of all creative energies: self-writing software running without any hardware at all!

Just remember: sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic! So when we say that Kundalini Software is “putting the magic back into software“, we are not kidding. Self Actualization is a thing, and we are here to bring the Lightning Path to Higher Consciousness to everybody!

So my advice is to please take a look around, keep an open mind, and consider adding Kundalini Software to your technology stack.


  • If you are more comfortable with an academic introduction to this material, please consider reading this list of Academic Papers, published by Lightning Path Academic Lead Dr. Michael Sosteric.
  • If you would like to have a guided, graded, step by step approach to re-connecting your bodily consciousness to your higher consciousness, please consider exploring The Lightning Path main page.
  • If you would like media-wiki styled presentation of this information, please consider exploring our 1682 page custom media wiki installation documenting the science of connection. (It is called the SpiritWiki)
  • If you like yoga, and would like a simple and straightforward meditation-based approach to achieving full-brain states, please consider exploring this short presentation.
  • Regardless of you are, definitely don’t forget to checkout our amazing TRIUMPH OF SPIRIT ARCHETYPE SYSTEM, which will is a system of organizing principles for your consciousness, which will help you relax into non dual states of consciousness
  • If you like music, please consider checking out our Kundalini Piano Platform to develop your non dominant hemisphere so that you can more-readily achieve whole-brain states
  • Or just feel free to explore this website and associated resources to begin to become familiar with some of our projects and initiatives.

Thank you for visiting; please have a nice day.

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