NOTE: We’ve decided that we’re going to make a live-stream documentary about our process of bootstrapping Kundalini Software into existence. We call it the Gonzo Startup Method. The best way to follow along as this process unfolds is to continually check out our news-feed or join us on social media

Thank you for visiting the homepage of Kundalini Software and Systems Integration, LLC, which is a Northeastern Ohio-based for-profit startup company created and run by Olya and her husband Benjamin Pritchard, with additional founding partners from other parts of the world.

Kundalini Software is a technology company that produces novel technology to empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives and this world.

Kundalini Software is named after a style of yoga called Kundalini Yoga, a branch of yoga which emphasizes techniques for tapping into the vast creative potentials within us.


UPDATE: We are going to New Orleans for the national StartUpBus pitch competition!

Wish us luck!! Our dream is to come home with the connections that will lead to second round funding.

Current Offerings

Note: our components are loosely-coupled and designed to be used together in various creative and interesting ways; they are inspired by the Unix-design philosophy.

In The Pipeline

  • The Kundalini Connection Platform (aka “Kundalini Connect“), which utilizes the AdvocateHub platform to gamify (and provide peer-advocacy for) re-connection to higher than normal levels of consciousness
  • Brick-Brac-Shake-Attack, our accelerometer-based game framework for gamifying the acquisition of ambidexterity and symmetrical parity
  • ChatterBox
  • LaughBit
  • Do Not Disturb Mode Shoes
  • Kundalini Quantifying Piano


  1. Great Courses Plus Chrome Extension
  2. TamperMonkey Script for integrating Simple Wikipedia into Wikipedia pages
  3. TheSpiritWiki WordPress Plugin
  4. Mozart Transposition Engine, a compiler for creating mirror-image representations of piano scores encoded in the GNU LilyPond format, for use with the Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform
  5. Lizst Analytical Engine, a custom engine for performing real-time analysis of MIDI data streams, in order to calculate various metrics of use to pianists.

Theoretical Background

Our offerings reflect the research interests of our group, which (obviously!) has to do primarily with Kundalini, but more broadly involves specifically:

  • involution
  • Archetypes
  • symmetry,
  • mirroring
  • energetic re-balancing
  • Creation Templates and Archetypal Revision
  • gentle suppression of the default mode network in the brain, which is the neurological correlate of the bodily ego
  • and whatever else we find interesting enough to work on!

Academic Papers

Click for a complete list

Bounce Interaction

Our all events and content are fully interactive, in-so-much as they tend to draw one’s awareness towards the involuted nature of reality: everything is happening in our subjective experience… or as Timothy Leary put it: “Enlightenment means a CNS w/o any conceptual redundancy.” So go on, give it a try!


If you want us to pitch to you, just let us know! We are at bounce… so let’s play catch. (But just remember: we can throw with both hands)

In the meantime, though, if you’d like you can checkout our online pitches by clicking here.


We have several pitch decks relating to ourselves, our company, our projects, and our initiatives. We will release more decks as we go:

  1. The Kundalini Piano Mirror, Ambidexterity
  2. The Kundalini Piano Mirror Deck, ICORP
  3. The Lightning Path Deck
  4. The Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck
  5. Pitching Connection: An Invitation to Big R Reality

Lightning Path Content

Technology Porfolio

Thanks to our funding partners, a pipeline for commercializing various components from the invention porfolio of Benjamin Pritchard is being established. Additional information will be released in the future. Thank you to the University of Akron Research Foundation, The National Science Foundation, and the Burton D. Morgan foundation for continued support.

Call for Partners

If you want to get into something on the ground floor, please consider partnering with Kundalini Software. We are in a possession of some truly awesome technology, and what we have is completely novel and utterly disruptive.. .but in a good way!! I can say honestly that ours is a technology that is unlike anything that is otherwise known on this planet.

In my own humble opinion, what we are offering has infinite valuation. I say that because our technology and methodology safely and reliably gives people access to higher consciousness– which has bearing on all existing endeavors. The Lightning Path is a very, very big deal, and it has been in development for more than 15 years. So all we ask is for you to please show it the respect that it deserves. Keep an open mind… and who knows? You might just learn something!

So what are we talking about exactly? Ask us! We would love to tell you!

But the short answer: we are doing authentic enlightenment at scale.

We all want to make the world a better place. But how? Join us and find out. The technology of connection is here, and trust me, the magical mystery bus will take you anywhere you want to go.

Shout Outs

  • I would like to thank the University of Akron Research Foundation for believing in the Kundalini Piano Mirror
  • I would like to thank The Burton D. Morgan foundation for everything. There is not enough I can say. The hackathons I attended at Kent State, not to mention the Generator space I am now in that contains this awesome office, plus the grant associated with our NSF-ICorp program have all significantly enhanced our entrepreneurial journey. Thank you so much for the work that you do to make this world a better place.
  • I would like to thank my teachers, particularly Dr. Sosteric, and also Jevasu from the Nada School in Rishikesh. I love you guys
  • I would like to thank my mentor and teacher and friend Nicholas Constantinidis. I do not use the word genius lightly, but if anybody fits the bill, it is Nick
  • I would like to thank my family. You know who you are. I love you guys forever. And Bella? What can I say. You are the most amazing girl ever. I could not have asked for a better kid in 10 million years.

Next Steps

Thank you for visiting; please have a nice day.