Thank you for visiting the homepage of Kundalini Software and Systems Integration, LLC, which is a small software company and consulting firm created by Benjamin Pritchard.

Kundalini Software is named after a style of yoga called Kundalini Yoga, a branch of yoga which emphasizes techniques for tapping into the vast creative potentials within us.

Various Projects

  • The Kundalini Piano Platform, which does two main things:
    • creates novel ways of playing a digital keyboard using symmetrical inversion, which helps facilitate ambidexterity and full brain development
    • allows a performer to utilize Computer-Assisted Dynamics to help achieve her artistic ideal
  • Liszt Analytical Engine, our software library calculating various metrics by analyzing real-time midi data
  • Bach-In-The-Mirror, a special edition of the 13 Bach 2-Part Inventions symmetrically inverted
  • Mozart Transposition Engine, a compiler for creating mirror-image representations of piano scores encoded in the GNU LilyPond format, for use with the Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform
  • Van Gogh Flow, a cool program for Windows 10 which overlays your display with translucent visuals. This software is intended to help people be more creative and productive by gently inducing psychological flow-states
  • The Preferences for Leisure Attributes (PLA) Assessment, created in collaboration with Dr. Janice Kreiner and funded by a grant from the University of the Bahamas, to access leisure preferences for people with traumatic brain injuries
  • The Kundalini Smiling Mirror, our component for gamifying the act of smiling
  • The Kundalini Software Alexa Skill, which provides a voice-powered interface to the offerings of Kundalini Software
  • Mesmorizing Displays


Much of the software we develop is open source, and released via GitHub:


Additionally, I like to write educational blog posts about some of the open source software we write, utilize, or contribute to. Examples include:

Additional posts can be found here.

Thank you for visiting; please have a nice day.

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