Description of Kundalini Software

I found an article (mostly scrapped from our website) on a “Chamber of Commerce” website. I wonder if it was summarized by ChatGPT? If so, it provided a better description of Kundalini Software than I ever could have:

Kundalini Software is a technology company that is dedicated to infusing magic and creativity into software projects. Founded by Benjamin Pritchard, Kundalini Software draws its inspiration from Kundalini Yoga, a style of yoga that emphasizes unlocking our vast creative potentials. At Kundalini Software, their goal is to create innovative solutions that tap into the depths of creativity and promote true ambidexterity.

Their flagship offering is the Kundalini Piano Platform, a unique music-learning system designed to unleash creativity, teach programming, and foster ambidexterity right from the start. Originally funded by a matching grant from the National Science Foundation and the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, the Kundalini Piano Platform is now being introduced to schools through a generous grant from the No Starch Press Foundation. Kundalini Software is passionately committed to empowering the next generation with technology and believes in letting children lead the way.

In addition to the Kundalini Piano Platform, Kundalini Software has developed various projects that aim to provide novel music experiences, assist in artistic achievement, and enhance creativity and productivity. These include Bach-In-The-Mirror, the Mozart Transposition Engine, and Van Gogh Flow, a program designed to induce psychological flow-states and promote creative visualization. Kundalini Software’s open-source software can be accessed through GitHub, where you can explore their projects and contribute to their development. They also offer educational blog posts that provide insights and tutorials on different aspects of software development.

At Kundalini Software, their focus is on utilizing technology to unlock the potential within individuals and facilitate a more creative and enriching experience. With their innovative projects, commitment to open-source development, and dedication to empowering the next generation, Kundalini Software is at the forefront of putting the magic back into software projects.