Rudolph Ganz


Rudolph Ganz was a proponent of symmetrically inverted practicing. (I am still trying to track down exactly what book he wrote about the technique.) Several of his recordings are available on Youtube. Here is him playing the Liebestraum:



Abstract Many online scores have been created in the GNU LilyPond format. In this blog post, I will document my efforts to add functionality to the Python Library python-li to automatically convert <coming soon>


Software Project

The LP RESTful API is an API which is implemented in Python using the Flask micro-service framework. The API is hosted on the Google Cloud using Google App Engine. The API is used in conjunction with the Lightning Path Alexa Skill and the SpiritWiki WordPress Plugin.

Google Play Edition of the Kundalini Piano Mirror


The Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform is now available for Android (!), and can be downloaded from Google Play: Like the original PortMidi-based Windows version, the Android version is designed to represent a minimally-viable-product. (In other words, don’t look for a fancy UI here!) Instead, the Android version provides the core functionality needed to facilitate symmetrically inverted playing– which