This page has a chronology of my success bootstrapping Kundalini Software into existence. If this process seems labored, that’s because it is. (Creating a startup is hard!) Yet despite everything, the trick is to stick to the philosophy of just keep moving forward. This sentiment is beautifully captured the haiku poem by the Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa: “Climb Mount Fuji, / O snail, / but slowly, slowly.”

During the process of bootstrapping Kundalini Software, I followed/developed what I called my Gonzo Startup Philosophy, which is a “take no prisoner’s”-approach to creating a company through sheer tenacity.

  • December, 2012 – Partnership with Dr. Michael Sharp established. Our first product offering, a custom IOS app, becomes available on the Apple App Store. The first revenue for Kundalini Software is received.
  • February, 2013 – Kundalini Software initial LLC filing with the State of Ohio.
  • January 2016 – Attend KSU Fashion Hack-A-Thon (“Concussion Prevention Helmet“)
  • October, 2017 – Begin Co-working @ StartMart, Tower City, Cleveland
  • January 2017: KSU Fashion Hackathon x2 (“Moon Flower“)
  • July 2018: Begin co-working at People Space, Irvine, California
  • July 2018: Orange County Venture Capital Fast Pitch Conference
  • 2018: Partnership with Dr. Janice Kreiner,  Preferences for Leisure Attributes (PLA) Assessment, University of the Bahamas Grant
  • 2019: Begin co-working @ Bounce Innovation Hub, Akron Ohio
  • 2019: June 2019: Microsoft TEALS Volunteer Training, initial work at Promise Academy in Cleveland, begin working towards bringing STEM projects into the schools
  • 2019: Initial Kundalini Piano Mirror version becomes available for Win64
  • 2019: Kundalini Piano becomes available through Google Play
  • 2019Github profile created, first open source contributions released by Kundalini Software back to the community
  • 2019: Provisional Patent Application filed for the Kundalini Piano Mirror
  • 2019: National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corp Application Submitted
  • 2020: No Starch Press Foundation Grant for the Kundalini Piano Platform
  • 2021: Kundalini Software becomes my full-time job
  • December 2021: Take Kundalini Piano into a school for the first time, Impact Academy, Canton, Ohio