M.A.D. Feedback

M.A.D. is an acronym created from the initial letters of the words Measure, Analyze, and Display, and refers to the repeated process of:

  • making measurements,
  • analyzing the data collected to produce metrics, and
  • displaying the metrics in a useful way.

A M.A.D. feedback loop refers to the interaction between a M.A.D. system and a human being.

The Kundalini Quantifying Piano creates a M.A.D. feedback loop between itself and a performer.

In such a case, the quantifying piano is measuring the pianist’s performance by analyzing MIDI data to calculate metrics, which are then displayed.

Seeing a quantitative and visually interesting presentation of his own performance metrics assists the pianist in his attempts to close the gap between his actual performance and his artistic ideal.

The interaction between the Kundalini Connection Platform and a computer user is another example of a M.A.D. feedback loop.