Note: it will be some time before these courses are available. If you would like to help administer any of these courses, or would like to collaborate in some other way, please send an email to: support [at]

Kundalini Academy

Online Courses are offered using the excellent open-source Moodle Learning Platform.

Each course lasts 9 weeks, and is offered for a nominal fee. The point of the online course is to guide students systematically through material, providing motivation to make forward progress.

In addition to receiving access to the required materials, students also have one-on-one access to the instructor (via email, phone, or skype) during their active enrollment.

Courses currently in development include:

  • Introduction to Symmetrically-Inverted Piano Playing
  • Gonzo Startup
  • Unleashing Your Creativity
  • Online Ambidexterity Training Program
  • Lightning Path Workbook 1: Basic Concepts
  • ESL for intermediate speakers, taught by Olga Pritchard