Benjamin Pritchard Invention Portfolio


This page lists my original ideas (or what I somewhat whimsically call my “invention portfolio”) for future projects. My plan is fully evaluate their merits, and then implement them as appropriate as time and resources become available.

One thing I would like help with is someone to do the intellectual property work to patent some of these ideas.

For sure my biggest strength is my ability to continually derive novel ideas as part of my creative process, so I will continually be adding to this list of potential products as time goes on.

Invention Portfolio

NameBrief DescriptionPatentStatus
The Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform novel method of ambidexterity trainingLink
The Laugh-Bit wearable device for quantifying/gamifying laughter
The Kundalini Involuted Smiling Mirror system for enhancing self-awareness by gamifying the act of smilingprototyped
Concussion-Prevention Helmet accelerometer-equipped football helmet for preventing concussionsprototyped
Birth-Control Bracelet mechanical bracelet to help women remember to take their birth controlprototyped
The Do-Not-Disturb Mode Shoesvariable-color LED-equipped shoes that interface via bluetooth to a smart phone, allowing one to visually indicate to their coworkers that they do not want to be disturbedplanned
Augmented Reality Crowd-Sourced Driver Alert SystemGoogle Glass-based augmented reality app for crowd-sourcing alerts for reckless drivers based on license plate number
Kundalini Quantifying Piano System for using real-time MIDI data to give precise timing and dynamic feedback to pianists in both a visual and quantitative manor prototyped