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Kundalini Software is a small software company founded by Benjamin Pritchard. The main focus of the company is to create products and services which facilitate self-actualization and full development of each person’s potential.

Our flagship product is the Kundalini Piano Mirror, which is designed to help teach ambidexterity to music students.

I had the privilege of studying with concert pianist and Akron native Nicholas Constantinidis for many years. Nick was the most self-actualized person I ever met, and he taught me that with hard work and determination, anything can be achieved. Additionally, he introduced me to the study of ambidexterity, and was my friend and mentor.

Nicholas passed in 2016, and my Piano Mirroring software is dedicated to his memory.

Another major product offering of Kundalini Software is The Lightning Path Content Distribution Platform, which is developed in partnership with Canadian author Dr. Michael Sosteric. The Lightning Path is the name of Sosteric’s modern system of self-actualization, and consists of more than a dozen books, a series of apps, a thriving online community, a custom-built Alexa skill, videos, and podcast — all of which is being distributed using a subscription-based model.

Finally, we also distribute the Preferences for Leisure Attributes (PLA) Assessment, created in collaboration with Dr. Janice Kreiner and funded by a grant from the University of the Bahamas, which is a method to access leisure preferences for people with traumatic brain injuries.


Kundalini Software started a side project in around 2008 or so as I began to develop custom apps on IOS, Windows Mobile, and the Android platform for various people.

But the story of how it became my full-time gig (!) really began when I returned to Kent State in 2016 [as an adult] to join the KSU Gospel Choir! While hanging around the campus, I ended up attending a weekend-long Hack-a-Thon at the KSU Fashion School, where I invented and prototyped a football helmet designed to prevent concussions; it was equipped with LEDs, accelerometers and a microprocessor in order to visually signal when excessive impact force was seen.

During my product demonstration, I met Charles Stack and subsequently started renting co-working space from him in Startmart in Tower City. I then became involved in the start-up community in the NEO area by attending networking and “pitch” events around town.

Then in 2017, while visiting NYC, I met the woman who would prove to be the love of my life; by the next year we married.

For our honey moon, my wife and I drove across the USA all the way from Brooklyn, NYC to Los Angeles, California. We ended-up staying on the West Coast for several months, and while we were out there, became involved with the Orange County start-up “scene”.

My life changed drastically at that point, and after a nearly 20 year career in software/firmware development, I started working on my own startup Kundalini Software full time.

While on the West Coast, we rented co-working space at People Space in Irvine, and started applying to accelerator programs. I also had the opportunity to attend the Orange County VC Fast Pitch Conference at UCI, which was the first time that I had the opportunity to “pitch” my company and my ideas.

Upon our return to Akron, my wife and I purchased a home and settled down. Currently, we are continuing to grow Kundalini Software, and as of 2019, we have several product offerings available, most notably the Kundalini Piano Mirror, which we are currently working on commercializing.

We are very excited to be renting co-working space here at the amazing Bounce Innovation Hub, and look forward to joining the vibrant community of creative and entrepreneurial people gathering here who are working to put Akron, Ohio back on the map!

Thank you for reading; please have a nice day.