Kundalini Software is northeastern Ohio-based startup founded by Olya and Benjamin Pritchard which creates technology to empower people to make positive changes in their life and this world.


Founder #1

Olya Pritchard is a native speaker of both English and Russian, with various levels of proficiency in other languages.

In addition to directing the unfolding of Kundalini Software generally, Olya also oversees the translation-related work needed to bring Lightning Path content to a world-wide audience.

Founder #2

After a nearly twenty year career developing software took him to more than 10 countries, Benjamin’s life took a different turn in 2017 when he retired from the corporate world, and went to India for a month to study Kundalini Yoga.

Upon his return to the US, Benjamin met Olya… and what can we say? The rest was history!


Dr. Michael Sosteric

Dr. Michael Sosteric is Sociologist who, after a series of powerful mystical experience in 2003, became a Mystic and began an academic and Mystical Exploration of Reality.

Michael is the progenitor of The SpiritWiki, founder and principle architect of The Lightning Path, and the author of books and resources exploring God, Consciousness, Ideology, Reality, and the nature of Creation.